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Complete Nail Care Travel Kit

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This quality 6 piece nail care kit includes everything you need to keep you nails healthy and looking great! Great looking healthy nails are easy to get and maintain when you have the proper tools. This kit includes a heavy duty nail clipper, Nail file, Cuticle pusher, small scissor and precision tweezers all in a convenient traveling case with chain attachment.

Here's how we advise you maintain your nails and give yourself a spa quality manicure or pedicure with this set.
  • Use the Nail Clippers from one side of the nail to the other until desired shape is achieved.
  • Soften cuticles in warm water and use the Cuticle Pusher to push cuticles back underneath the nails edge.
  • Use the Scissors to trim excess cuticles or skin with out painful pulling or tugging.
  • Use the Tweezers to pull out ingrown nails or to loosen the sides of the nails to prep for trimming.
  • Use the Nail File to smooth your nails edges, giving your nails a fished look and to prep for nail polish.
  • Your nails have never looked better! all the tools you need for great looking nails are right here in this high quality kit.