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Complete Rotating Disco Mirror Ball Kit



Complete Rotating Disco Mirror Ball Kit. Look no further. This is the ultimate home party accessories. We have all seen the memorizing effects of disco balls at our favorite clubs and parties, but who ever though you can bring that same great effect home. Now you can! This kit contains everything you need to get the party going. A top quality 8" mirror ball sits atop a powerful battery operated rotating stand that can be ceiling mounted or cap sit on any flat surface. This kit also comes complete with a super bright pin spotlight that directs tons of super bright light into the direction of the ball producing a magnificent and professionals effect in your very own home! Liven up your next get together with a REAL disco ball that reflects wild beams of light. The sport light included also features interchangeable color filters so your mirror balls effect is totally customizable. You can also aim other lighting effects at the mirror ball to produce incredible effects you could never before imagine in your home. Try aiming a strobe light at the disco ball for a crazy pulse effect, or shoot a laser pointer at it to reflect crazy beams all over the place. The Mirror ball takes one "D" battery, and the light plugs into any local outlet and can be aimed from distances of up to 10 feet away.