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Contemporary Chrome Self Cleaning Floor Stand Ashtray

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Contemporary Chrome Floor Stand Ashtray. This sleek, stylish floor stand ashtray is a welcome addition to any modern decor. Finished in bright polished chrome that shines like a mirror, this self cleaning ashtray keeps your home clean by disposing of all the cigarette butts and ashes with just the push of a button. Keep ugly cigarette butts out of sight. Since the butts are stored in separate hidden compartment the odor and smoldering smoke are reduced keeping the smell down to a minimum. This ashtray is perfect for next to tables on the floor or anywhere near where you are sitting. The Contemporary Chrome Self Cleaning Floor Stand Ashtray stands 2 feet tall and has a 6 1/2" foot print. A Weight on the bottom makes this unit bottom heavy for protection against falling over. Remove the ashtray portion fropm the floors stand to use as a regular table ashtray.