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Deluxe 12" Multicolor Disco Mirror Ball



Deluxe 12" Multicolor Disco Mirror Ball. This X-Large mirror ball measures a sizable 12" in diameter and is encrusted with thousands of multicolor reflective mirrors. When you shine a spot light on this mirror ball massive beams of colored light explode off it's surface projecting multicolor "stars" all over your room. Instantly turn any room in to your room in to a night club atmospehere! This mirror disco ball is sure to add funky style and ambiance that will bring your next party to the next level. Our Deluxe 12" Multicolor Disco Mirror Ball turns any area in to a dance floor and is sure to inspire your guests to get down and boogie! This Deluxe 12" Multicolor Disco Mirror Ball includes a swiveling mounting hoop on the top so you can easily hang it from any ceiling. This mirror ball is also fully compatible with any mirror ball motor so you can get your spin and and get things moving! Included is a mirror covered base perfect for table top surfaces. Add your disco ball motor to your order by choosing the proper option above!