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Deluxe 17 Piece Halloween Face Paint Makeup Kit



Customize your Halloween costume with this all in one face paint kit. This deluxe all inclusive kit contains everything you need to paint your face like what ever character you desire. This makeup kit is perfect for all costumes from clowns, witches, skeletons vampires or even the devil himself. All it takes to make an award winning costume is this face paint kit and some time and a little talent. The results are way more realistic then a cruddy rubber mask, and you will not have to worry about taking off your costume to do normal things like eat and drink.

This kit includes
  • 6 Medium Grease Make up colors (Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow & Orange)
  • 1 Large White Grease Make up
  • 6 Detail & Outline sharp makeup sticks (Blue, Orange, White, Black, Yellow & Red)
  • 2 Double sided sponge tip applicators
  • 2 Application Sponges