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Deluxe 18" Wooden Boomerang

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Boomerangs are thought to be man's first successful attempt at a flying wing. The aboriginal tribes of Australia are believed to be the first people to make (and perfect) throwing sticks. The aboriginal people used Boomerangs to hunt and beleive it or not also for fun as we do today! Boomerangs and the technology that makes them work would not be discovered by the rest of the world until thousands of years after the Aborigines had figured it out. How dose a Boomerang work? Bommerang's function just like a wing except itstead of flying straight in one direction the are launched by rotating end over end. This rotating motion creates lift just like a wing on an airplane causing the boomerang to fly in the air. Since the boomerang is rotating extremely fast after it is thrown it eventually arches the same direction it is rotating causing the Boomerang to come back to the location from which it was thrown. With practice Bommerang throwers can achieve pin point accuracy so the boomerang comes back to the exact location from which it was thrown. This premium quality wooden boomerang is made of premium 3 ply-pine for light weight construction and durable strength. This boomerang measures 18" and features red tips so you can see the boomerang while in flight.