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Deluxe Beer Pong Party Kit



This Beer Pong Party Kit is essential for any party. This kit includes 20 blue playing cups, 1 pen and players list, 2 non-slip gaming mats, complete game rules, and 4 seamless pong balls. This set can also be used for team flip cup.

  • 20 blue playing cups
  • 1 pen and players list
  • 2 non-slip gaming mats
  • complete instructions
  • 4 seamless pong balls
  • Gift boxed

    How to play:
  • Place mats on a table with 10 cups on each mat in a triangle formation
  • Aim at the 10 cup triangle and successfully toss a ball inside beer cups
  • If a ball lands in the opponents cup, the opponent drinks. If the ball misses it is now the opponents turn to toss the ball.
  • Enjoy!