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Disco Balls - Mirror Disco Balls - 12 Inch Jumbo Disco Ball

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RI# EL-MBA12-1

X-Large 12" Disco Mirror Ball is made of real mirrors and can hang anywhere. Point any light on your mirror ball and watch the thousands of mini reflections appear on the wall. The large 12" mirror ball requires no installation or batteries. This ball comes with a heavy duty rotating hanging hook so Just hang and enjoy!! Hang your mirror ball near a window and watch what happens when the sunlight hits it. It's Awesome. No Show is complete without a mirror ball. Our ball features glass mirror smaller in size than those commonly used today. They offer an increased number of tiles for a more dazzling and more colorful lighting effect than other ball of equal size. These Small tiles are also resistant to cracking. Our best-selling disco balls are now available with high quality motors that spin your ball for a real ballroom effect. The motor is battery operated, cordless and can easily mount to any ceiling. Add your disco ball motor to your order by choosing "yes" option above!