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Surge Protector Diversion Safe

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GL IND#6167
Diversion Safes - Amazing Surge Protector Diversion Safe. Diversion Can Safes. With our Diversion safes you can protect your valuables and keep them in plain sight with out fearing theft or detection. Diversion safes work on a very simple concept, hide your possessions where nobody would think to look. Each Diversion safe is made of an authentic product so the safe looks just like the item it is emulating. Where dose a wise man hide a pebble? On the beach.. This is the same concept, Fill each stash safe with what ever you like; money, jewelry or even Rx Drugs. This safe appears to be a functional surge protector power supply. This is one of our most discreet designs to date. You can plug any electrical device in to the power supply to make it look as if it where functional; you can also plug the power cord to the surge protector safe in to any live outlet. Best yet the on off switch illuminates red light when "powered on" to even further give the effect this is a functional power strip. on the reverse side of the power supply is a hidden compartment the can easily hold thousands of dollars, jewelry Rx Drugs and more ! *Please note that this product is a safe and not a functional surge protector. You can plug any electrical device in to the power supply and you can plug the power supply in but it dose not transfer current.

Why a Diversion Safe?:
  • Made of authentic product containers
  • Indistinguishable from actual product which it is emulating
  • Safe seems to be a surge protector
  • Easy to use design allows you to access valuables quickly
  • Plug in electrical devices for realism and plug the safe in to any outlet
  • Nobody would ever suspect this Surge Protector is any thing but just that
  • Deters criminals and people in search of your goods

    This Product Features:
  • Authentic Surge Protector Converted into a safe.
  • Conventional Surge Protector Size w/ over sized Hidden storage
  • Extra Large Inner Storage measures 7" L x 2 1/2" W x 1" Deep.