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Dollar Sign Gun Belt Buckle with Lighter and Knife With FREE Leather Belt

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#114 Dollar Sign Gun Belt
Dollar Sign Gun Belt with Lighter and Knife Belt Buckle Holster w/ FREE Belt. This unique novelty lighter has been styled after a "Blunderbuss" shot gun, a formidable weapon popular in the 17 & 18 centuries. This "gun" may not shoot but it sure dose "pack heat"! Cock the hammer back and ignite a supercharged flame that is wind resistant and reliable. Press the button on the front of the blunderbuss barrel and out pops a short curved switch blade knife. This awesome utility gun knife then slips perfectly in to it buckle holster so it can be worn around all day! This lighter belt buckle combo also comes with a free leather belt so your good to go out of the box!

The Blunderbuss Gun Lighter with Knife and Belt Buckle Holster Features:
  • Classic Blunderbuss style gun design
  • Adjustable flame with electronic ignition
  • Powerful wind resistant flame
  • Concealed switch blade knife with 1.75" stainless steel claw blade
    Butane Refillable
  • "Gun" unit fits securely in the buckle holster
  • Buckle holster can be worn as a belt buckle and attaches to most universal belts.
  • Includes a free leather belt!