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Dread Head - Dread-Licious Moisturizing Spray (Orange Xpli-Citurus)

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Moisturize... Revitalize... Flavarize!!!

A few sprays of Dread-Licious will give your dreads the moisturizing burst of tasty refreshment they’ve been longing for... Your dreads will look, feel, and smell their best because Dread-Licious combines all natural ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E to deliver essential nutrients that keep locks healthy. The best part is, it always washes out completely with DreadHead Dread Soap. You’ll love the response your dreads will get when they’re Dread-Licious!

Why Dread Head Dread-Licious?
  • Made of 100% Natural hemp seed oil, Vitamin E and all natural scents
  • Makes dry dreads perfectly moisturized
  • Smells insanely good
  • Washes out clean with no residue
  • Makes your dreads look & feel Healthy and well groomed
  • Did we mention how great it smells?
  • Works on Dread Roots and Dread Body
  • 4 fl oz. size lasts about 3 - 4 months depending on use
  • Comes complete with s spray cap... so spray away!
  • Works on all hair types, even color treated or bleached hair.
  • Wow That smell!