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Drinking Games - Loaded Dice Drink & Dare Game

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Drinking Games - Loaded Dice Drink & Dare Game

. Loaded dice is known to be the "piss your pants game of chance!" Made by iPartyHard, the leader in adult drinking games this simple to play dice game is sure to keep you and all your friends laughing and stumbling all night long. The game is easy to play! Roll the four colored dice to reveal a random assortment of phrases. Put the phrases together in order from darkest die to lightest die and now you have formed a challenge. Pass the dice around a round table and see how you and all your friends will handle the challenges. If you can not complete any one part of the challenge you are eliminated. The last player standing wins! There are over 250 possible combinations and challenges!

Check Out Some Outrageous Challenges That Are Possible:
  • Everyone Take a Swig In Slowmotion Then Do a Dance
  • Player of You Choice Chug Rapidly Twice
  • You Pretend to Drink While Spinning in a Circle With the Player To Your Right
  • Player to Your Left Take a Drink On Your Knees Then Sing a Song!
  • The combinations just keep coming and the outcome is up to a roll of the dice!