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Element BAM "Animalism II" Skateboard Deck

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This Element BAM Animalism 2 Skateboard features Element Famous Patented featherlight Helium Construction including an array of features not found in typical decks. Element featherlight Helium Decks include: 5 air frame chambers for light weight performance without loss of durability and stability and is the lightest full sized deck on the market. All Helium Decks are stiff with a super responsive feel with out the extra weight. This Element BAM Winged Deck is Element "Shape 17" and measures 7.75" x 31.5" with a 6.625" nose, 14.5" Wheelbase & 6.25" Tail. Broad nose for slide stability and contoured boat tail for added performance and response. This deck features BAM Animalism II Bat Design.

This Element Deck Features:
  • Element Featherlight Helium Construction
  • Full Size- 7.75 x 31.5
  • Element Shape #14 (6.625" Nose / 14.5" WB / 6.25 Tail)