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Elements Rolling Papers

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Looking back many years ago HBI's founder remembered seeing his father taking great pleasure in rolling his own cigarettes. He always used ungummed thin rice papers. He loved rice papers because they burned with almost ZERO ASH! Pure rice papers are just that, NO chemicals, NO pulp and NO hemp. Over the past ten years we watched more and more people jump into the Hemp Paper market, we realized that most new companies were trying to ride a marketing wave. They relied mostly on marketing and catchy names to sell their products, rather than the quality of the actual paper. To counter the trend and as a dedication to fond memories of the past, we decided to return to the “ELEMENTS” of smoking. Thus we designed a new paper made from pure rice, pressed it to make it ultra slow burning and incredibly thin. Then we added just a thin strip of Acacia Gum. The result is probably the best rolling paper ever produced by man. Elements burn with zero ash, except for a tiny line of residue caused by the Arabic gum turning into caramel as it burns. Not surprisingly, Elements have become our most successful rolling paper and are now a top selling brand across the globe! We are very proud of the Elements and customer response has been incredible. The Elements brand has since expanded to include papers on a roll, rolling machines and other accessories. Keep a look out for other items in 2006 including paper tips!

Novelty rolling papers are the great new way to add a fresh feel to an “old sport”. Whether you like flavored papers or just cool prints and designs, you will find yourself anxiously waiting to roll the next fatty! Impress your friends with outrageous new packaging and prints that will show off your smoking style. These papers hold enough to satisfy the biggest cravings and will roll smooth for a perfect jay every time. Our rolling papers are non-toxic, made of pure hemp and only utilize soy-based inks and sugar gums. With’s selection and prices, you may want to start a novelty rolling paper collection, so stock up today!

  • These Papers Measure 1 1/4"
  • 50 in a pack.
  • Elements design!