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Expressions Hair Chalk (Set of 12 Colors)



Expressions Hair Chalk (Set of 12 Colors).
Hair Chalking is the newest craze in temporary hair color. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to rock stars are embracing the fad of brightly colored hair, and now you can embrace it too. You can easily add brilliant color with hair chalk without the long-term commitment of dying as it washes out between 1 - 3 washes. This is a set of 12 Temporary Color Pastel Chalk.

  • Set of 12 Colours
  • Materials: 100% Color Pastel Chalk
  • Length: 63mm X 9mm
  • Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying
  • Rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out

    How to use
  • Put on old clothing, or a hairdressing cape (the chalk can stain clothing whilst wet).
  • Use a water spray to dampen the section of hair you wish to colour (no need if blonde).
  • Select the color chalk and rub it down the section of hair until it is fully covered with chalk. Use down strokes only, upstrokes can damage your hair.
  • You can dry the hair with a hair dryer or leave it to dry naturally
  • When the hair is fully dry seal the colour in with flat irons or curlers