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Fashion Comfort Leg Warmers (Solid Colors) (3 Pack)


3 Black

Leg warmers have been around for years, and have found many daily uses in the fashion world. Wear them any time paired with your favorite outfit to add a unique style that displays your individuality. These leg warmers are perfect for dancers, whether you are into ballet, hip hop or 80's dance styles these leg warmers will add a nice accent to your routine. You can also use these leg warmers as arm warmers for a special sleeve appearance that can be worn in addition to your favorite t-shirt or tank top for a style all your own. These tight knit leg warmers are 90% acrylic and 10% Spandex for a perfect fit for people of all sizes, and can be stretched or scrunched to achieve the look you desire. This great set comes with 3 assorted color pairs. We will ship you 3 pair of our most popular colors for only 9.99! Get your discount leg warmers right here at!