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Filtered Cigarette Rolling Machine - Professional Electric Cigarette Injector


EW# E2CM-1

Professional Electric Cigarette Injector with FREE Carton of filter tubes. Imagine saving 80% off the cost of your cigarettes every day. Today outrageous taxes have caused cigarette prices to sky rocket. As of 2010 cigarette prices in New York have reached upwards of $12 a pack whereas the rest of the nation pays $7 a pack. Imagine paying only $2.50 per pack.... That would save the average pack-a-day smoker $31.50 a week (That's $1,638 per year!) If you live in New York you can save an incredible $66.50 a week or $3,458 per year. This is the machine that will change cigarette smoking for everybody for ever. This automatic, electric machine is a miniature version of the ones they use to mass produce the filtered cigarettes you currently smoke. Prior to this machine rolling your own cigarettes meant you had to hand roll a cigarette with a rolling paper, no filter, no even burning... Barley a cigarette at all. This machine allows you to make Class A quality cigarettes like you buy in the store right in the comfort of your own home. You can roll up to 2 PERFECT Filtered cigarettes per minute. This cigarette machine automatically injects tobacco evenly in to a pre-fabricated paper shell with filter; all you have to do is add tobacco to the top and insert 2 cig shells, press the start button and in seconds you will have 2 perfectly rolled cigarettes ready to smoke or store in your pack. By producing your own cigarettes with this machine you will spend 10 rolling minutes a day and you will save up to $9 a pack. AMAZING.

We offer starter packs of tubes with each offer for an additional $8! Choose the option above with the size you wish to receive to add cigarette tubes to your order. With each starter pack you will get 200 tube in a bulk pack. That's enough tubes to roll a FULL CARTON (10 packs) of cigarettes so you can get rolling right out of the box!