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Five Crown "Brooklyn 1978" Vintage T-Shirt

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#8 FC#20670 Green
Five Crown "Brooklyn 1978" Vintage T-Shirt. 5 Crown is back, and this time they will take no prisoners! 5 Crown's Royal premium tees are super soft, Light Weight and tagless for maximum comfort. Every 5 Crown tee is 100% Cotton, Vintage Style and made in the USA. The artistic styling 5 Crown offers paired with premium immersion printing techniques means your vintage style tee feels and looks like your favorite shirt for years from day one, and it will be your favorite shirt for many more years to come.

Each Five Crown T-Shirt Features:
  • 100% Cotton Premium Vintage Tees
  • Tees are made to look old and distressed
  • Classic "Technicolor" Designs for Authentic Retro Look
  • Designs and Prints made to look faded and decades old!