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Flashing Rainbow LED Rave Mouthpiece



This incredible flashing mouth piece is sure to set you apart from the crowd at the next rave, party or Halloween event. This flashing mouth piece features 4 super bright strobing multi color LED diodes that create wild patterns while comfortably nestled behind your top teeth. The LEDs are so powerful that they illuminate not only your mouth but your teeth as well for a mystifying effect that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The mouth piece is made of soft hypoallergenic rubber that fits perfectly to your top molars. All of the electrical components and sealed in a rubber compartment that rest like a sports mouth piece on the roof of your mouth near the back of your front teeth. You wont even know its there! This Flashing LED Mouth Piece is reusable and turns on and off easily with out removing any of the components. Simply press the center of the mouth piece and it will turn on, press it again and it will go off. It is even safe to drink even when you have this mouth piece in although eating with it is not advised.