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Flexible Super Strobe LED Expandable Light Tube

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Our Super Strobe LED Light tube features the ability to connect tube sections end to end so you can create an unlimited length of crazy strobing light! Each Super Strobe LED Light tube is approx 32" in length (Thats over 2 and a half feet long!) and has 6 super bright led lights that diffuse their light in a foam tube for an awesome color gradient effect. These Super Strobe LED Light Rope feature 4 preset light show modes including Chase, Strobe/flash, steady/phase and morph. Morph mode seamlessly blends the other 3 light show modes together for a crazy effect that is ever changing. Use Super Strobe LED Light Rope as a club toy or a necklace or connect multiple units together for endless possibilities. Wrap Super Strobe LED Light Rope around you and instantly become a walking light show. Super Strobe LED Light Rope is flexible and bends with ease. Decorate yourself or you home with wild neon colored light. This light rope operates easily with the touch of a button. Use the function button to turn the unit on, scroll threw light show modes and to turn the rope off. Use a single unit or connect 100 together! Each unit works independently so you can truly customize your light show expieriance.

Super Strobe LED Light Tube