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Floating Inflatable Beer Pong Rack


P&P Pool Pong

Pool Pong Rack :: Floating Beer Pong Rack. This is the first X-Treme water sport you can play right in your pool! There two things in this world that refresh like no other on a hot summer day: a dip in the pool and an ice cold beer. The Pool Pong Rack combines all the fun of the pool with one of America's favorite games- Beer Pong! Each of these floating cup racks holds all sizes of plastic cups including the regulation "solo" cups that is synonymous with beer pong. Set up is easy! Simply inflate both racks (it takes under a minute) place the cups in the holes (Which hold them securely) Fill the cups with beer and get playing! You will feel "the buzz" of Pool Pong in no time! The Pool Pong Rack is also compatible with the N-ice Rack Cup chiller so you can keep you beer frosty cold even on the hottest days. This kit comes complete with 2 floating beer pong racks and 3 competitor beer pong balls. *N-Ice Rack Sold Separately unless option is chosen.