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Fun Tattoo Sticker 12 pack (Contains Over 30 Tattoos!)



Fun Tattoo Sticker 12 pack (Contains Over 35 Tattoos!). Ever want a tattoo but your afraid to face the needle? Want to get ink done but your scared of the gun? These Tattoo stickers are for you! Tattoo stickers are unlike other temporary tattoos: They do not require water for application, just peel and stick! Super thin cellulose tattoos are crystal clear and adhere thoroughly to the skin for a flush even fit that stays in place and bends along with your natural skin. Stick them anywhere! Kids and adults alike love these fun tattoos. These tattoos are safe for your skin: Put the on your hand, arm, leg, face, chest, foot.. just about anywhere. This set includes 12 - 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" tattoo sticker sheets with up to 3 tattoos per sheet! These pack contains 6 different styles of tattoos and is shipped assorted.