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Genuine Spy Sunglasses with Rearview Vision



Genuine Spy Sunglasses with Rearview Vision

Ever wonder whats going on behind your back? Our Genuine Spy Sunglasses with Rearview Vision will reveal a world you have never seen before; What is really going on behind your back! Don't let the price fool you... These are awesome looking glasses that really work just as advertised! These super cool black sunglasses are low profile. As they appear from the front they are just normal sunglasses... Only you know the true ability of these spy glasses. These spy glasses are perfect for folks on the D.L., You can effectively observe people behind you with out the suspects ever knowing you are watching. This is a great ability if you are trying to see who's doing what behind your back. Catch co-workers whispering first hand as you turn around. See who's walking behind you on busy city streets. Watch your back for approaching threats or use them to catch a glimpse of unsuspecting risky behavior. At one time or another we have all wished to have "eyes on the back of our head". Now you can! These glasses feature invisible mirror on the inside of each lens that allows you to see either side behind you for a total view!