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Girls Save CBGB's T-Shirt

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#11 Black W73
You no longer need to venture all the way to the Lower East Side of New York City to get your very own CBGB duds. "What does CBGB stand for?" I reply, "It stands for the kind of music I intended to have, but not the kind that we became famous for: COUNTRY BLUEGRASS BLUES." The next question is always, "but what does OMFUG stand for?" and I say "That's more of what we do, It means OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING GORMANDIZERS." This t-shirt is made from 100% fully machine washable cotton.

CBGB is a symbol of raw American energy – for 31 years CBGB has provided a space for new creativity in music and art, a spotlight for young talent, and a unique safe-space to pursue art and free expression. CBs has always kept its prices affordable for all music lovers, evolved to fill the needs of the music and cultural communities of New York City, and jump started the careers of thousands of performers.