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Glider Premium Billet Aluminum Herb Grinder

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#5 No1#243-4-2

Made of 100% aircraft quality billet aluminum, this is the top notch grinder on the market today. Each Glider brand grinder is individually machined for razor sharp blades the cut the toughest herbs almost effortlessly, best of all the blades never dull. This grinder also features a center magnet that keeps it closed yet allows you to twist away with out the mess or spills of other grinders. The bottom half of the grinder includes a no friction glider gasket that allows the grinder to twist smooth, giving you a uniform result every time. This Herb Grinder is sure to satisfy. Why break up with your hands when you can easily and consistently get perfect results no matter how dense, dank, leafy moist or dry your herbs are. A must have for pipe smokers or hand rollers. This product produces an even consistency every time for even burning, easy to pack herbs. Each Glider Grinder comes complete with a single chamber grinder and premium velvet carrying case with drawstrings.