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Glow in the Dark & Black Light Reactive Hair & Body Gel



Black Light Reactive Glitter Body Gel. This gel glows in the dark or under black light and can be used anywhere! Use it on your face, chest, skin or even your hair! Easily washes out with soap and water and stays on all night! Use this glitter gel all over your body, face and hair. The gel dries clear and sheer with no residue or sticky coating so all you see is the beautiful metallic luster of the glitter. When light hits the glitter your skin or hair will shine and sparkle with hints of color. When exposed to UV light the glitter gel explodes with neon color light that sparkles and glistens. Use this translucent neon glitter gel to accent makeup and fondation; it works great around your eyes to compliment eye make up. Us the glitter gel to add shiney glittery highlights in your hair or spread the gel over your chest, neck and shoulders for a sexy look that is sure to be noticed. This body gel can be used as a great glitter accent any time day or night but also is compatable with uv light so it makes a must have accessorie to have at your next neon party! Watch as it glows bright under blacklight!