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Glow in the Dark Body Paint (By The Color)


Glow Ind-

What will you do when the lights go out? With this glow in the dark body paint you will know exactly what to do! Turn your lover in to a work of art who will shiver from your touch as you apply this sensual glow paint. Use a soft paint brush as a tickler as you paint over your partners most intimate areas. Be creative by painting sexy patterns all over sensitive spots. The sensation is a major turn-on and the results are playful and will add a new touch of excitement to your relationship. Foreplay will now go beyond kissing and touching! Painting your partner with glow in the dark paint can be a new erotic way to heat things up. After your painting session is done the fun has just started! You will see your partner in an all new light as the glow in the dark with all the patterns you just drew! This paint is super responsive glow in the dark body paint that glows super bright in the dark after only minutes of light exposure so the fun last until you wash it off. This non-toxic body paint can be used all over the body, face, hands or any where your imagination takes you. Our Body Glow Paint comes in your choice of 4 amazing colors. For best results expose the paint to UV or black light for one minute before turning the lights off completely. This substance is UV Reactive and will respond to blacklight but it is also a stand alone glow in the dark product. This paint is non-toxic, but is not edible and should not be consumed. If you are looking for body paint you can lick or eat check out our edible body paints. Glow body paint washes off easily with soap and water. Ships individually. product by weight .5 fl oz.