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Glow In The Dark Condoms

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Glow In The Dark Condoms.
Glow in the Dark Condoms have introduced layers of excitement in people’s sex lives. Men love to use them because they make their members bright, highly visible, and appear larger in size, which in turn makes them feel proud and confident. Women love them because they bring life, fun, and excitement into the sex act. There is no need to switch on the light if you love to enjoy the moments of intimacy in the dark. The glow of these condoms makes it a special moment. Also, they’re obviously easier to locate, so you don’t have to search and grope to find the condom.

To produce the glow, manufacturers use a non-toxic form of phosphorous pigment which is safe and approved by the FDA. This condom has three layers for extra smoothness. The center layer consists of the phosphorus pigment while the inner and outer layers are made of normal latex. To make it glow bright, you however have to expose it to light for some 30 seconds or so prior to use. There after, the glow remains bright for a good 15 minutes. The glow does not disappear totally after 15 minutes. An afterglow remains, which lasts for up to an hour.

If you want to rekindle the glow of the condom, expose it to light for another 30 seconds in between and you’ll have the full brightness once again. Isn’t that exciting? Imagine the excitement of a glow in the right place where it matters, right where the action is. The very thought of it builds up the desire, and can infuse a lot of pleasure and exhilaration in the sex lives of many people.