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Glow In The Dark Finger Body Paint Jar! (4 Colors)



Glow In The Dark Finger Body Paint Jar! (4 Colors).
This amazing new glow in the dark finger body paint jar is great for raves, night clubs, parties, glow parties, or any other crazy social event! This 2 Ounce jar has Four seperate .5 ounce compartment with 4 different colors. Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Purple, and Neon Blue. Use this paint on anything and watch it glow when in the dark. Charge the paint under a light and then watch it glow for a long time when the lights go out. The best part is, that it is also black light responsive! You dont even need to charge it under a light if you have black lights. The paint drys quick and lasts a really long time! It glows super bright under black lights. You will absolutely love this product from BeWild!