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Glow in the Dark Paint Pens (5 Pack)

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Glow in the Dark Paint Pens Set of 5. Amazing paint pens are all you need to customize anything imaginable. Draw & Create Doodles and Designs on any surface for a unique touch that is as individual as you are. Decorate your shoes, t-shirts, jeans, back packs, your bedroom walls and much more. Us our Glow in the Dark Paint Pens just like a regular pen to draw or write neat glow in the dark designs. The color pains are even visible during the day! When the lights go out the fun has just begun! This paint is water-based, 100% non-toxic and is permanent so the paint stays where you put it making it perfect for clothing and other fabric. To charge the paint simply expose it to light (The brighter the better) for a few minutes and your paint is ready to glow! For best results expose this paint to a black light to watch this stuff illuminate like crazy! This kit comes complete with 5 glow pens, one of each color including green, blue, clear, pink and orange. Thats right, you get them all!

Glow in the Dark Paint Pens Are Perfect For:
  • T-Shirts, Jeans & Clothing
  • Backpacks, Pocket Books & Wallets
  • Shoes, Sneakers & Boots
  • Note books, Photo Albums & Scrap Booking
  • School Projects & Assignments
  • Glow in the Dark Bedroom Walls
  • Any Where! Let your imagination run wild!