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Glow in the Dark Pair of Shoe Laces



Light up the night! Glow in the dark shoe laces add a cool glowing effect to your ordinary shoes! These glow in the dark shoe laces are a fun and easy way to make your shoes stand out at night. These glow in the dark laces glow very well in the dark but explode with glowing color and light when exposed to uv black light. Wear these shoe laces to black light bowling, clubs, neon parties and more for a spectacular effect that is sure to stand out in a crowd.

Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces Feature:
  • Plain White Shoe Laces Glow Green in the Dark
  • Each Lace is a Long 38" in length to fit most shoes
  • Flat Style Lace 1/4" width
  • Minutes of light exposure for hours of glow