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GLOW IN THE DARK Spray Paint (Green)



GLOW IN THE DARK Spray Paint (Green). Glow in the dark spray paint is a cool way to add style and accents to any thing you want to glow in the dark! This paint 4 ounce can of glowing spray paint is amazing florescent style paint that looks great in full color in the light but takes on a whole new image when the lights are turned off. The paint only needs 15 minutes of light to reach full charge, then it will glow bright for hours. The paint is also UV reactive for insanely deep glowing colors when exposed to black light. Let your imagination run wild. With this paint you can spray any design you can imagine, whether it is graffiti or a wall mural, to accent a bike or computer. Anything you can paint can glow! Each can contains 4 oz (413g) of premium glow paint. This paint is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Use it on metal, plastic, ceramic, fiber glass, fabric, wood & more!