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Halloween Costume - Genuine 60's Hippy Costume (Unisex)



Our genuine 1960's Hippy Halloween costume is the all in one package if you want a hippy Halloween costume. This Halloween costume includes an authentic hand tie dye shirt, John Lennon style hippie sun glasses, a whole pack of 60's style hippie tattoos & paisley bandanna. Tie on the bandanna, crumple up you tie dye shirt and throw it on, there you go! You are now a hippie! This Hippy Halloween costume is perfect for guys and girls. Customize your Hippy Halloween costume with our options! These options allow you to choose the color scheme and sizes so you are insured the perfect fit!

This Hippie Costume Includes...
  • Tie Dye T-Shirt.
  • Bandanna in your choice of color.
  • John Lennon Hippie Style Glasses.
  • Temporary Hippie Cheek Tattoos.