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Herb Grinders - Deluxe Round Wooden Herb Grinder SALE

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#15 Z#1-004

Herb Grinders - Deluxe Round Wooden Herb Grinder

Herb grinders are the most efficient and fastest way to break apart dense organics into a manageable consistency. Put tedious hand pulverization to rest forever, with these sturdy and well fashioned hand spin grinders. Constructed hand carved hard wood, the single chamber grinder glides your favorite herb into a fluffy pile that makes rolling a whole lot easier with professional results. All grinders included a super cool design that will ship to you in assorted! one of twelve styles will be shipped to you including but not limited too - Iron Cross, Gun, Scorpion, Skull, Fairy, Eagle, Jester, Dice, Snakes, Magic Mushrooms and Frog Eight Ball. Each grinder measures 2" inside diameter.

*Ships Assorted