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Herb Grinders - Handmuller 2" Three Chamber Herb Grinder


#1 JP# 11-9983

Herb Grinder - Handmuller 2" Three Chamber Herb Grinder

This is the legendary “Space Case” type grinder that makes all others looks like a child’s toy. Light weight billet aluminum is super sturdy with a beautiful luster and super sharp blades. Diamond teeth glide right threw the toughest herb you can throw at it. Three piece construction is easily taken apart and hold tight with threaded and magnetic sections. Load the herb in the top section, grind and shake. The herb will automatically transfer small particle in to a storage chamber where it will stay fresh until you are ready to use it! A fine metal screen then separates fine concentrated pollen and particles to a bottom chamber where High quality and potency product collects over time until you have the highest quality premium grade product possible! Your pollen catcher will gradually catch this until you have enough to use!