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Herb Grinders - King Timepiece Deluxe Herb Grinder


#17 EW#HMM26-
Polished Chrome

Herb Grinders - King Timepiece Deluxe Herb Grinder

King Timepiece Deluxe Herb Grinder. When it comes to style this herb grinder steels the show. Each of these King Timepiece Deluxe Herb Grinder are as functional as they are attractive. This grinder features a convenient 2 chamber design with pollen screen and compartment. An attractive and fully functional roman numeral clock decorates the top and is surrounded by dozens of brilliant rhinestones for a luxurious look. The timepiece is also removable so you easily set the time and change the batteries as needed. Each case is also finished in your choice of polished chrome or brilliant silver. 24 super sharp interlocking diamond teeth crush even tough herbs to smithereens and produce a fluffy, consistent grind that is ideal for all rolling styles. A magnetic center pivot keeps the lid on tight even when not in use. A slip gasket lies on the inner lip providing a smooth glide while grinding. The pollen compartment gently screws on and off so you can use and store your prized pollen. This grinder also comes with a complimentary blade cleaner and pollen spoon tool that is awesome for cleaning the grinder blades and managing your pollen.