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Holster With Magnum Revolver Gun Lighter Buckle And FREE Belt


#93 TF#GU22

Magnum Revolver Gun Lighter With Belt Buckle Holster. Get strapped and lite up! This tough Magnum Revolver Gun Lighter is finished in gun metal chrome and sits in a stylish belt buckle holster. As a belt buckle this 2 in 1 combo looks the part, tough, stylish and up to the task. The magnum gun lighter is butane powered and produces a single powerful torch flame perfect for lighting anything, even in the wind. The gun lights fits perfectly in to it's buckle holster so you have a stylish lighter on the go all the time. Perfect for both men and woman this 2 in 1 lighter buckle means you will never lose your lighter again. When not in use the gun lighter functions as fashionable element with in the buckle. This great combo lighter and buckle makes a great gift and of course the lighter is butane refillable.