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Hyper White Super Bright Adjustable LED Headlamp

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You won't believe the brightness of the 5 ultra-powerful white LEDs in this headlamp. Although you can't tell from our images, it is almost painful to look at head-on! These are the same LED bulbs used in those super-white headlights on luxury automobiles. The LED Headlamp comes with an elastic head strap with an adjustable buckle for comfort, plus a magnetic back so you can attach this to anything metal. With a little inventiveness, you can even use this on your wrist, arms, etc. Ideal for lighting your way through the club, fishing, camping, hiking, auto repair work, biking, and more.

The Headlamp has three modes: steady on, strobing (LEDs go rapidly back and forth), and flashing (all LEDs flash at once). When you want the brightest white light, nothing beats the LED Headlamp for practicality and price. The LED bulbs last 100,000+ hours for a lifetime of use! Uses 3 easily replaceable AAA batteries.