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iHat - Solid Black MP3 Beanie Hat With Built In Headphones



iHat - Solid Black MP3 Beanie Hat With Built In Headphones.
The iHat is the only all in one MP3 player accessory that combines the style and warmth of a skull cap beanie with true stereo sound of your favorite songs all with a wire attaching you to your mp3 player. The iHat features 2 true stereo surround sound headphone speakers built right in to the stylish design of a beanie hat. Wear the hat, nobody will ever know that wear the music is coming from! The iHat solves a problem that has haunted music lovers since the introduction of compact music devices; headphones that fall out of your ears and are uncomfortable during normal activity. The iHat allows you to keep your music where it belongs, in your ears! The iHat is perfect for traveling, waiting for the bus, jogs in the cold or just rocking out in your bedroom! You will look great and keep warm while listening to your favorite music. Keep the sound track to your life playing all the time! This is the world first affordable headphone hat. The unit uses a wire that hooks up directly to your iPod or other MP3 player. The ihat is perfect for anyone with an iphone, ipod, blackberry, android, etc. any device that uses a regular headphone plugin works with this ihat! NO BATTERIES NEEDED!!!