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Incredible Glow in the Dark (and Under Blacklight) T-Shirt

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This may look like any old white t-shirt... but it's not! Turn off the lights and watch as this unique t-shirt's glow in the dark, 100% cotton fabric explodes with cosmic green glow! This glowing shirt not only makes a great costume but can be worn as a stylish shirt any time. You will be amazed at the bright glow this seemingly ordinary t-shirt produces. Wear it any wear; to the night club, jogging in the dark, camping or even just a night at the amusement park. You can wear this glowing t-shirt right out of the box or decorate it with magic markers for a custom effect (Where you color with markers will not glow so your design will show up even in complete darkness!) Whether you choose to customize your new glow shirt or not you should be prepared to amaze your friends with this wild glowing shirt. This shirt is also black light reactive so any UV light will make this shirt explode with glow. Check out the size chart below to ensure proper sizing when ordering.