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Inflatable Furniture :: High Back Flame Blow Up Chair



High Back Blow Up Flame Inflatable Chair. Inflatable furniture is a great way to make any space look whimsical and full of life. These fun chairs blow up to be a really cool decor statement and best of all they are comfortable. These wacky inflatable chairs will bring years of use and fun to any room in your home. These chairs are great for company, if you do not have enough seating you can easily blow up a chair or two in minutes. They will be your favorite seats in the house. The chairs are perfect for children's bedrooms, play areas, living rooms, inside or in the out doors! The thick plastic construction is tough, resisting most punctures and is air leak resistant so you will only have to blow it up once, and rarely refill the air. Imagine your dorm room decked out in wild inflatable furniture! You will love it. And no matter what your thinking it will not look cheap or chinsey, instead it will be a permanent fixture in you home matching all your other crazy decor