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Instant Clean Self Cleaning Floor Stand Ashtray

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Instant Clean Self Cleaning Floor Stand Ashtray. This new floor standing ashtray is made from durable steel and stands two feet tall. This ashtray is the perfect height to put next to any couch, bed, chair, table or anywhere else you can think of. Our Floor ash tray also features a "Self Cleaning" button on the top. When button is pressed it all butts and ashes instantly fall down into a storage container inside the stand. No more ashes blowing everywhere. No more of that "Ashtray Smell" in your home. The Instant Clean Self Cleaning Floor Stand Ashtray is the clean and classy alternative to any regular table unit. Effectively remove ugly cigarette butts from sight while containing the dirty smell typically associated with conventional ashtrays with just the push of a button. Makes a great gift! This ashtray stands 23.5 inches high, and the base and top are approx 7.5 inches wide. The opening for the removable ashtray is 4.5 inches wide