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Jamaica PRO Soccer Jersey :: PRO Futball Jersey (Yellow & Green)

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KD Jam Yellow Green
Jamaica PRO Soccer Jersey :: PRO Futball Jersey (Yellow & Green). Jamaica International PRO Soccer Jersey :: PRO Futball Jersey Jersey. International Soccer jerseys are the perfect way to route for your favorite country while at the game or on the field. These light weight official quality jerseys are just like the real thing and are fashioned after the ones your favorite players wear. Our Pro Soccer Jerseys feature official international logos, colors and styling and have all the great features you would come to expect from a pro jersey. This Jamaica international futball jersey is Yellow with green stripe design in the background. Green accents define the colors of the Argintina flag. This shirt also features official Jamaican insignia and an embroidered patch graces the center bellow the collar. Our PRO Soccer Jerseys come in one size, Athletic Medium / Large, which measures 22" across the chest (From arm pit to arm pit) and 28" long (From collar to the bottom of the shirt.).