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Kids Custom Saying T-Shirt (White)



NEW! Customized T-shirts made just for you! We can print any message, name, slogan or saying on a T-shirt. Whether you want sayings like "Rehab is for Quitters," "Fuck you, I have enough friends," "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian," or "Property of Tony," We can print it. Wear our custom made shirts for any special occasion such as a Company picnic, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, Team events such as bowling, a contest or game or just about anything you want. Message can be as long as 40 letters or numbers! Be Creative! WE PRINT EACH SHIRT IN HOUSE and ship out within 24 hours. Most places take weeks to print. We print and ship out your order immediately! T-Shirts can include A-Z letters and 0-9 numbers or a combination of both!