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Kingdom of Eden Wall Hang Tapestry & Bedspread


#8&9 BEN#6526Ai

Kingdom of Eden Wall Hang Tapestry & Bedspread. This beautiful wall hang tapestry is artisan crafted the way all quality tapestries have been made for hundreds of years. Each tapestry is hand made with the greatest attention to detail and since each is individually printed they are all unique and one of a kind. All natural pigments and dyes give this piece an incredible look and feel. This traditional tapestry will be a welcome addition to any home's decor. Decorate your walls or use this tapestry as a grand tablecloth that will impress all who are privileged enough to dine in your home. This tapestry also can be used as a bedspread or bed sheet to add a classic look to your bedroom. This fine tapestry measures approximately 52" x 76" and is suitable for medium sized dining rooms tables, large doorways or a single size bed.