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LED Programmable Message Fan


CT# 01570-1

LED Programmable Message Pocket Fan & Rave Toy

Our premium quality LED Programmable Message Fan allows you to display up to 18 characters in bright red LED spin lights. This LED Programmable Message Fan features incredible technology that will spell out a custom message of your choice while the fan is spinning, so you can say what you want when you want with this great fan! Program messages that will amaze your friends and family. This customizable touch to such a great pocket fan makes this a fantastic personalized gift. The LED Programmable Message Fan is perfect for sports "Fans"; simply type in your favorite teams name for a cool effect nobody else at the game will have! Programing the LED Programmable Message Fan is so simple a child can do it, making it fun for the whole family. 3 buttons programs the message you want making this fan the most simple unit of it's type on the market today. 2 rugged yet soft fan blades produce an amazing breeze that will keep you cool, yet the blades are soft and safe. 3.75" height and at its widest point, is 2.25" wide. Choose from Red, Green or Blue LED Lights.

LED Programmable Message Fan Features:
  • Simple to Program Design
  • Custom Message Display
  • Super Bright Red LED Messages
  • Sturdy Constructions Lasts!
  • One Touch Steady on/off Control
  • 30" Safety Snap Lanyard
  • Full Alpha-numerical English Alphabet: A-Z & 0-9
  • Awesome Symbols: Hearts symbols and Punctuation
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)Some of our Favorite Sayings:
  • Happy Birthday!
  • I Love You!
  • Will U Marry Me?
  • I'm Single
  • My Name is ______
  • Hey _________!