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LED TekNo Strobe Spike Choker



LED TekNo Strobe Spike Choker. Each of these awesome flashing LED Spike chokers may look hard and dangerous but they are soft to the touch! Add a punk touch to any outfit. These chockers can be used with the light show on and off so you can have 2 great effects all in one! Raver know the more light the better and each of these units are sure to add a great effect to any raver routine whether you are practicing at home, showing off for your friends and doing an extreme heart pounding rave performance. Each Choker features 7 super bright Multicolor LED lighters that strobe in sync for a colorful light show the can be worn around your neck as a choker or double wrapped around the wrists. The snap end can also be conected to one and other if you want to make a cool spike light show belt! Each Choker measures 17" end to end and has two snap size adjustments so it fits all people, guys and girls with up to a 17" neck. Simple one touch, on / off operation means the light show is just a touch away!