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Light Up Party Reusable Ice Cubes



Accent your world with the glow of neon light. With the touch of a button Lite Cubes turn clear and opaque objects in to a colorful glowing masterpiece. Each cube is waterproof so they are fully submersible; great for drinks, cocktails, vases, fishtanks and party favors. Litecubes are made of non-toxic, FDA-approved plastic and contain a gel that allows it to be frozen to help keep beverages cold. Simply pressing the button on the Litecube once makes it strobe, press it twice and it strobes faster, and a third time and the cube will stay lit all the time. Because the Litecube is re-freezable the fun will commence time after time! each Litecubes battery lasts for dozens of hours. Unlike the single-use "glow sticks" that are popular these days at concerts and parties, the Litecube can be turned off and then reused time and again. The uses for Light cubes range from lighting drinks at tailgating parties to illuminating punch bowls at receptions or even providing a unique effect in tubs and pools. Additionally, Litecubes can simply be placed around a room to create a wacky or surprisingly romantic atmosphere. The Cubes come in red, orange, blue, green yellow orange and Amazing Multi colors. Light Straw Not Included. Sold individually in your choice of color.

Light Up Party Reusable Ice Cubes Features:
  • Reusable Ice cubes refreeze and never melt
  • Simple, one touch operation
  • Waterproof, fully submersible
  • 3 Modes including blink, strobe and steady on allow you to customize your effect
  • LED light illuminates clear and opaque objects!