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Light Weight Single Action Dispensing Cigarette Case (For King Size Only)

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EW# CH20
You have never seen anything like this unique cigarette case! This Cigarette case automatically dispenses a cigarette with the push of a button. Load your cigarettes into the dispenser and you are ready to go. The simple yet ingenious mechanics of this dispenser automatically load the cigarette, open a dispenser door and they ejects a cigarette out popping it straight into your hand or even directly into your mouth! This novel cigarette dispenser will have every one who sees it asking you how it works and they will definitely want to know where you bought it. There is no other product in the world that does what this cigarette dispenser does. The coolest feature of the cigarette dispenser is that it is made out of Light Weight space age aluminum, so that it adds no extra weight to what an actual pack of cigarettes weighs. AMAZING!! Loads a full half a pack 10-12 King Sized cigarettes at a time, perfect for a night out on the town. Ships in assorted colors.