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Long Sleeve Tuxedo T-Shirt - Classic Style Tux shirt


#19 Long Sleeve-1

"The Classic" Tuxedo Long Sleeve Shirt. Our Best Selling Tuxedo T-Shirt Now Comes in Long sleeves! This is our most "Classic" Tuxedo long sleeve T-Shirt to date! The details of the print really give the illusion of wearing an actual tuxedo! This Tuxedo long sleeve t-shirt emulates a full Tuxedo ensemble. The tuxedo print in set high on the shirt to replicate the actual position of the bowtie and collars of a real tuxedo. From a distance you would never be able to tell its a t-shirt! Each All Occasion Formal Tuxedo Long sleeve T-Shirt is available in men's sizing but is perfect for both men and woman.


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Model: 19_Tux_LongSleeve

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